Conversations in architecture

When we say we’re obsessed with architecture, we mean it. Here’s what’s got us talking around the office:


Her Canberra House Tour with Amy Wilson…
You know you’re up for a good Home Story when you’re puffed at the top of a long and steep driveway — and you still have quite a few steps before the front door.

Dickson Common Ground housing project: ACT government calls on Canberrans to chip in…

The ACT government is calling on generous Canberra builders, businesses and community groups to have a hand in creating Dickson’s Common Ground housing project. The territory’s second iteration of the housing model, after Gungahlin, would take up vacant blocks in the suburb’s section 72…

The design team has blurred the traditional boundaries between building and garden in this University of Western Australian Student Hub. Innovative sustainability measures were integral to the design, including PV cell glass skylights, wind turbine, and the ‘veil’ façade that both contains and reveals the new ‘living building’ – mitigating glare, heat, and filtering sunlight with petals fixed at different angles.

Things are different in China. Every week, we discover another massive retail store that is dedicated to reading and books. Many are much larger than most community libraries in most countries, and there seems to be no lack of funding for extravagant design and ‘unproductive’ space. Selling books is secondary to the idea of encouraging the public to read.

Italian architect and designer Cini Boeri, who created a series of iconic seating designs, has passed away aged 96. Over the course of her career, Boeri collaborated with some of the biggest names in Italian design, including lighting brand Artemide and furniture makers Knoll, Magisand Arflex. She is survived by her three sons, among them architect Stefano Boeri.