Marist Jubilee Building

Good design at the heart of this Canberra school…

Project Details

Location: Pearce, Canberra, ACT

Completion: 2018

The Catholic Education Department’s brief for this project was to design a modern, robust structure to fit in with the demands of the buzzing Pearce campus of the all-boys school. The solution? A dramatically cantilevered, out-curving element that gives compelling identity and strength to the new buildings.

The Jubilee Building fulfills a host of functions; with utilitarian-style, the semi-subterranean industrial workshops are set beneath an inviting open concourse. Above, the upper-level art studios bend towards the edge of the sports oval: the geometry of this structure responds to an existing historic chapel in the centre of the campus.

But with so much inbuilt utility – and the attraction of shelter, seating and open-airspace beside the campus canteen – the Jubilee Building has become an energised activity zone. This example of contemporary school architecture not only facilitates a great deal of student interaction, but has become the heart and circulation axis of Canberra’s Marist College.