Neighbourhood Halls

Project Details

Location: Griffith, ACT and Bonython, ACT

Completion: 2009

Awards: 2011 ACT Architecture Award - Public Architecture

The Community Hall projects provides an exciting brief as there was no specific end user. The challenge was to create flexible, multi use spaces that could cater for any community need, from fitness or educational classes, to celebratory functions, to community meetings. In turn we designed duel spaces of differing size to allow the greatest flexibility.

The first of our projects: Griffith Hall…

Rather than design a building sitting within a fenced perimeter, we opted to turn conventional practices inside out by using the buildings to define the site and then create an inner sanctum through a landscaped courtyard. This solution allowed for a reduction of fencing which has provided greater security and created an intimate internal building relationship scale that is unique to Canberra.

Our second hall project, located in Bonython, Tuggeranong…