A 30-minute drive out of the centre of Canberra, just across the New South Wales border in the sprawling hills of Googong, the Swan Drive property is a sight to behold. With a brief to design a modest, modern home that integrated into the landscape, the results are nothing short of breathtaking.


The long, low form of the three-bedroom home sits gracefully atop a dam, giving the impression of floating on water. The intent was to elongate the house and use it as a bridge connecting two previously isolated sections of landscape. Internally, the primary focus is the entertaining hub; the living and dining room having a central focus and importance, and a view across the water to the property.

The construction methodology was as unique as the site itself. The clients own a form-working company, and hoped to reuse waste material from their projects. This included unlimited concrete, local stone boulders, and old plate steel form liners. This philosophy added to the already developed sustainability plan in place for the build, taking repurposing to a new level.